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 October 6, 2023

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Experience a culinary adventure during our TURNTABLE pop-up series, showcasing a month-long lineup of talented global chefs taking over our kitchen. Throughout October, savor specially curated dishes crafted by each visiting chef.

Lord Stanley, the Michelin-starred modern European restaurant, owned by co-chefs and husband and wife team Rupert and Carrie Blease, has operated for the last two years as TURNTABLE at Lord Stanley – a brick and mortar restaurant located in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco - has become a hub for world-renowned and up and coming chefs to collaborate and showcase their cuisine.

Starting Sunday October 15th, 2023 through Sunday October 29th, 2023, LA-based Chef Amanda Kuntee Maneesilassan of Chao Krung Thai will take over the kitchen at The Lazeaway Club located inside the Flamingo Resort & Spa!

"Maneesilassan will serve an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner, along with brunch dishes and pool bites," said Dianne de Guzman in the August 2023 issue of Eater. "Among Maneesilassan's offerings are a prawn pad thai that is 'smokier and more savory than the sweeter versions many Americans are accustomed to,' as well a a 'Thai-style' pork jowl, crab fried rice, and papaya salad with salted egg."

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A very special "Thank You!" to New York based Chef Susan Kim of Doshi who took over our kitchen from October 2nd through October 14th. Chef Kim blew us away with her bugak chip and beef tartare with perilla oil, scallion, fried perilla leaves; tuna dup bap with white & purple barley rice, confit tuna, manul, walnut ssamjang, ginger napa cabbage kimchi; and seared tteok & bay area cheese with a 7-minute egg, mizuna, brown butter gochu.