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Join us on the second Sunday of every month, for a day of self-care. Each month will have its own theme, and take you on a journey inward through multi-sensory experiences like breathwork, yoga, tea ceremonies, sound healing, and much more.


August 8th

Tuning into Your Intuition
Cacao & Drum Ceremony

presented by:
Ceremonial Priestess, Charlotte Keane, and Shamanic Teacher, Monique Adorno

Tuning In to Your Intuition
1p – 3p

Learning to tune in to your intuition is a skill. You have to listen, notice, and promise to hear. We spend too much of our lives disconnecting with our bodies. Wisdom of Spirit comes from the heart. We’ll dive into the divine feminine, how spirit guides speak, muscle testing for truth, and the history and methodology of ceremonial cacao.

Shamanic Breathwork & Drum Journey
3p – 5p

Deepening the feminine mystery to strengthen the powers of perception, open a channel of divine intelligence using the Mystic Archetype of the Lion’s Gate.

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Upcoming Series Dates:

Sunday, September 12th

Celebrate Community

Sunday, October 10th