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Join us on the second Sunday of every month, for a day of self-care. Each month will have its own theme, and take you on a journey inward through multi-sensory experiences like breathwork, yoga, tea ceremonies, sound healing, and much more.

Upcoming Series Dates:

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Soul Journey

Details coming soon…

Sunday, July 11th


Sunday, August 8th

Trust Your Intuition

Sunday, September 12th


Last Month's Lineup

May 9th, 2021

Ancient Awareness, Modern Rituals

presented by Michelle McFarland and Makenna Paule.

Vinyasa Yoga
1p – 2p

Using traditional sequences as a base, we’ll build upon them with creative poses and transitions to equally emphasize strength and flexibility. All levels welcome.

Sacred Directions of the Medicine Wheel
2:30p – 3:30p

Explore healing and wisdom traditions of the Medicine Wheel. This course will recount the oral traditions of sacred earth medicine from the Native American perspective and provides a roadmap for the seven directions of human spiritual development. This sacred way of connecting with the world, explains how exploring each path leads to shifts in our relationship to the earth, our loved ones, our communities and most importantly, our own spiritual selves.

Modern Ritual: Shamanic Breathwork Journey
4p – 5:30p

Explore the qualities of your soul through the nature of your breath. This course will guide you to connect with your inherent self, your innermost being, through a curated sound bath healing combined with the cadence of the Shamanic breathing technique and Reiki healing. Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful healing process that allows its practitioners to experience deep healing and transformation on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. The Shamanic Breathwork process utilizes multiple healing modalities such as breath, sound healing, meditation, chakra alignment, energetic bodywork, creative art and group processing to encourage, explore, and enhance healing. Through this process, journeyers enter an altered state of consciousness simply using the breath as their guide. This shamanic journey state opens the doorway to experiential healing, stress reduction, expansion of consciousness, and creates and enhances connection to soul and spirit guides, and amplifies receptivity to visualization about your sacred purpose in the world.

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Meet the Presenters

Michelle McFarland, Santa Rosa, CA


Michelle A. McFarland, CRP

Certified Shamanic Minister and Breathwork Facilitator
Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Over the last 30 years Michelle has provided consultation, management and training services to major universities, hospitals and corporations throughout the nation. Professionally she has traversed both clinical and corporate healthcare structures in service to indigent and specialized patient/client populations and currently serves Sonoma County through her Shamanic based healing arts practice Shaman’s Apothecary.

Michelle’s  transpersonal exploration continues to illuminate and inform her deeper understanding of attaining full aliveness through experiential practice and philosophy influenced by the Shamanic wisdom of the North and Central America’s Native American oral traditions, coupled with Ancient East Indian Buddhist, Vedic, Hindu and Yogic meditative spiritual practice.


Makenna Paule

Makenna came to yoga, at first, for the physical component. Though after a ten-year relationship with the practice, she appreciates the abundance this practice can offer and works to carefully and creatively incorporate each facet into every class experience. With an academic background in physiology and anatomy, Makenna’s classes are rooted in science to provide safe and accurate suggestions for deepening muscle activation and improving flexibility. Makenna is pursuing a career in psychology and her classes also include principles of mindfulness-based stress reduction. Makenna’s greatest goals in leading any practice are to provoke prideless curiosity, facilitate authentic connection, and enable each student to continuously rediscover the growth and groundedness available through this practice.

Makenna has experience leading studio-based, private, corporate, and online yoga and meditation classes. Makenna is also available to create and facilitate special classes and workshops.