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Explore the diverse flavors of the Pacific at Lazeaway Club. Designed to create a vacation within a vacation, this fun poolside eatery offers a menu of crave worthy delights and hand crafted cocktails.


Created in collaboration with restaurateurs Anderson Pugash and Benson Wang of Palm House Hospitality, founders of Palm House and The Dorian, two of San Francisco’s hottest hangouts, Flamingo’s Lazeaway Club is an epicurean experience like no other.

Hours & Menus

Welcome to Flamingo Lazeaway Club, where the concept of sharing is at the heart of our dining experience. We recommend ordering between 2 and 4 plates per person to fully enjoy the variety of flavors and textures. All of our ingredients are sourced fresh and locally to ensure the highest quality and taste. We invite you to come and indulge in a culinary journey around the Pacific.

Breakfast Café:

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(Café Service)

Monday – Friday
7a – 10:30a


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Saturday & Sunday
8a – 2p

Golden Hour:

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Sunday – Thursday
4p – 6p

All Day:

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Monday – Thursday
11:30a – 9p

11:30a – 10p

5p – 10p

4p – 9p


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Wine List

Cocktails & Beer