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  • Transformative Signature Facial

    50 mins $170 | 80 mins $235

    This customized facial addresses skin conditions related to acne, aging, hyperpigmentation and dry or sensitive skin. A non-inflammatory sugarcane based exfoliant acts to transform skin layers, while a restorative antioxidant serum and treatment mask fight free radical damage and repair the skin’s protective barrier.

    The Beauty Workout

    50 mins $170 | 80 mins $235

    This is a comprehensive facial aimed at promoting fitter and healthier skin. It utilizes the principles of healthy skin cell turnover (cardio), strengthening, nourishing, and hormonally balancing the skin while addressing individual conditions related to our everyday environment. An antioxidant cocktail provides powerful environmental defense and repair, while a balancing peel-off mask with spirulina and rosemary lifts, evens tone, and hydrates.

    Organic Wellness Facial

    50 mins $159 | 80 mins $210

    This is a fully customized, results-oriented facial that uses Eminence Organic Skin Care products that emphasizes natural and clean ingredients, making the facial suitable for a wide range of skin types, including sensitive skin.

    Organic Detox + Brighten Facial

    50 mins $169 | 80 mins $215

    Combat pollution with this detoxifying treatment that includes an oxygenating exfoliation and a powerful boost of Vitamin C. This aromatic, tightening and brightening facial works to support age defying skin regeneration.

    Micro-Dermabrasion Facial

    50 mins $190 | 80s min $230

    This is a results-driven, anti-aging treatment using diamond microdermabrasion combined with the benefits of exfoliation and recovery mask will address various signs of aging and effectiveness in promoting smoother, more radiant skin.

  • Essential Wellness Massage

    50 mins $154 | 80 mins $210

    Indulge in a Swedish style, full body massage designed to relax and renew that aims to promote relaxation and overall well-being.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    50 mins $169 | 80 mins $225

    Unwind with a full body massage focusing on deep muscle and connective tissue to relieve pain and muscle tightness. This therapeutic massage involves applying more pressure and targeting the deeper layers of muscle and fascia.

    Hot Stone Massage

    50 mins $169 | 80 mins $225

    The combination of soothing warm stones and the benefits of massage creates a deeply relaxing experience. The heat also allows the therapist to work on deeper layers of muscle without using intense pressure.

    Sports Massage

    50 mins $169 | 80 mins $225

    This specialized form of massage is designed to address the unique needs of athletes and individuals engaged in physical activities. This is a focused area massage to improve athletic performance, recovery, and range of motion.

    Prenatal Massage

    50 mins $169 | 80 mins $225

    A therapeutic massage customized to the special need of a mother-to-be. This massage incorporates gentle and soothing strokes to promote relaxation and support tension reduction. Expectant mothers must be past the first trimester to receive this treatment.

    Shiatsu, Reflexology, Table Thai, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral Therapy may be arranged available upon request.

  • Illuminating Body Peel & Wrap

    80 mins $240

    This facial for the body uses natural, sugarcane based glycolic exfoliators to remove dry, dull skin, increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen. A luxurious, rejuvenating mask is applied to detoxify and replenish depleted skin with antioxidants, nourishing clays, and avocado oil. The face and scalp are massaged with a nutrient rich oil while body is cocooned. This treatment is finished with a deeply hydrating body cream with earthy essences of Jasmine, Sage, and Citrus.

    Recover & Rebalance Body Polish

    80 mins $230

    This cleansing body scrub uses micronized Arabic coffee and caffeine extracts to increase circulation, firm skin texture and reduce inflammation along with olive oil and Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish. The scrub is followed by a hydrating and detoxifying clay volcanic ash body mask to cleanse pores and calm inflammation. Aloe and nourishing Vitamins B5 and E rejuvenate the skin’s moisture barrier as the finishing touch

  • Brow











    half $55 | full $65


    half $72 | full $90

    Back or Chest

    half $60 | full $96


    Basic $65 | Extended $75 | Brazilian $90

  • D-Stress Scalp Therapy


    Indulge in a decadent scalp massage designed to revitalize the scalp and protect hair follicles from damage caused by pollutants and environmental exposure, featuring a nourishing scalp serum with Vitamins D, E and K to stimulate circulation, calm inflammation, protect, strengthen the hair and scalp. This aromatic blend of anti-inflammatory and protective oils, rich in essential fatty acids, is massaged through your hair with a pressure point scalp massage to repair and replenish moisture. *add to any face/body treatment.

    5-minute Eye Lift


    Get an instant eye lift which tightens and firms the delicate skin tissue around the eyes while smoothing lines and wrinkles. A hydrating eye cream with vitamin K, arnica, green tea and olive oil is applied to reduce puffiness and dark circles leaving eyes bright and refreshed.

    Hydrating Lip Plumper Treatment


    This enhancement exfoliates, hydrates and plumps the lips to soften and smooth fine lines for fuller, voluminous look, then finished with SkinSuit lip protection to prevent photo aging caused by digital screens, wireless technology, sun and pollution.

    CBD Enhancement


    Indulge with our Nut Free, Fragrance-Free Lite CBD Massage Oil - 800MG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. *add to any body treatment.

  • Policies

    Age Requirement

    The minimum age for services at The Spa at Flamingo is 16, and an adult chaperone or parent will be required to sign a waiver.

    Service Charge

    As a courtesy, we add a 20% gratuity to all Spa services.

    Cancellation & No-Show Policy

    If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please call at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. If an appointment is cancelled or changed within 24 hours of the scheduled service, we charge 50% of the service price. For groups, there is a minimum 14-day cancellation policy. A "no-show" appointment is charged the full-service rate.

    Devices in The Spa + Fitness at Flamingo

    To support your well-being, we suggest you leave your phones and devices at home when coming to enjoy The Spa + Fitness at Flamingo. Should you have them with you, you will be provided with a locker to store your belongings. No phone calls are allowed in The Spa + Fitness areas, apart from the lobby.